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•Selected to be on a Dramatists Guild Zoom Panel on "Crafting and Marketing The Short Form Play" with Arianna Rose, Marg O'Neil-Butler, and Mark Harvey Levine

• "Life On Earth" Shortlisted for Short & Sweet Dubai-Dubai, United Arab Emirates


• "Medical Records" Shortlisted for Kibo Productions, London, UK

• "The Grout Fairy" Favorite Play, Gulfport Community Players, Gulfport, FL

• Bloodlines Selected for Clamour Theatre Playwrights' Retreat, Greencove Springs, FL

• "Memory Card" Shortlisted for Short & Sweet Canberra, Canberra, Australia

• "Merry Maids" Semi-finalist for Attic Productions Christmas Playwriting Festival, Fincastle, VA

• "The Grout Fairy"-Shortlisted for Short & Sweet, Sydney, Australia

• "I'm Not You" -Winner in the Naples Player Readers Theatre One Act Competition, Naples, FL

• "The Grout Fairy" Semi-Finalist for Short & Sweet Manila, Manila, Philippines

• "Bloodlines" Finalist for The Players Center For the Arts New Play Festival, Sarasota, Fl

• Selected for the Clamour Theatre Playwrights Retreat, Green Cove Springs, FL

• "Mammoth Bones" in the top 20 for American Voices New Play Festival, St. Petersburg, FL


• "The Grout Fairy" Finalist Heartland 10-Minute Play Festival, Normal, IL

• "Remote Control" 5th Place Nantucket Play Festival, Nantucket, MA

• "The Dancing Lessons" 1st Place-Judges Choice; 2nd Place People's Choice Week 7 Short & Sweet Sydney, Sydney, Australia

• "Facing Fears" Shortlisted for 1:One UAE Theatre Fest, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

• "They're Gonna Kill Gertie" Made it to the final round-New Jersey Rep, Longbranch, NJ

• "The Grout Fairy" Semi-finalist Little Fish Pick of the Vine, Los Angeles, CA

• "Memory Card" Shortlisted Short & Sweet Hollywood, Hollywood, CA

• "Merry Maids" Finalist Eden Prairie One Act Festival, Eden Prairie, MN

• "The Grout Fairy" Finalist ACME New Works Winter Festival, Maynard, MA


• "The Dancing Lessons" Semi-finalist MN Shorts, Mankato, MN

•"A Bottle of Vodka" 4th Place, People's Choice Short & Sweet, Sydney, Australia

•"Snacks & Stuff" Finalist Navigators Theatre Lift Off Series, NYC


•Mammoth Bones, won the Sarasota Players Center for Performing Arts New Play Festival and will be given a full production in August of 2017.

•"Sleep Potato Vine" Finalist for The Seven, Fusion Theatre, Albuquerque, NM

•"Housekeeping" Finalist for Barrington Stage Company's 10 by 10 Festival, Pittsfield, MA

•"Merry Maids" Best Play, North Park Playwrights Festival, San Diego, CA

•"Housekeeping" Won the Boston Slam Festival, Boston, MA


• "A Bottle of Vodka" Shortlisted, Short & Sweet, Brisbane, Australia

• "The Dancing Lessons" Semi-finalist--Two Muses Theatre, West Bloomfield, MI.

•"A Bottle of Vodka" Shortlisted, Short & Sweet, Sydney, Australia

• "Let Me Be Frank" Semi-finalist, 2015-2016 Charles M. Getchell New Play Award.

• "The Dancing Lessons" Semi-finalist, Little Fish Theatre, Pick of the Vine, CA

• "Remote Control" 2nd Place in Friends of the Cashiers Library 3rd annual Playfest on July 24th in Cashiers, NC

• "A Bottle of Vodka" Semi-finalist, Minnesota Shorts, Mankato, MN

• "The Dancing Lessons" Semi-finalist, Carrollwood Players, Carrollwood, FL

•"I Couldn't Compete With a Harley" Semi-finalist, LaBute New Theatre Festival, St. Louis, MO

•"A Bottle of Vodka" Finalist, Parish Players, Thetford, Vermont


• "A Bottle of Vodka" Best Original Writing, Gulfport Players, Gulfport, FL

•"A Bottle of Vodka" Best Play, Theatre Odyssey, Sarasota, FL

•"They’re Gonna Kill Gertie" Finalist for Vittum Playwriting Award

•"They’re Gonna Kill Gertie" Semi-finalist, Minnesota Shorts, Mankato, MN

•"A Bottle of Vodka" Finalist, Lakeshore Players, White Bear Lake, MN


•"Leaving Nic" Best Play, Gulfport Community Players, Gulfport, Fl

•"Leaving Nic" Best Original Writing, Gulfport Community Players, Gulfport, Fl

•"They're Gonna Kill Gertie" 2nd Place Best Original Writing, Gulfport Community Players, Gulfport, Fl

•"They're Gonna Kill Gertie" Best Play, North Park Vaudeville & Candy Shop, San Diego, CA

•"Chopping Celery" Finalist, Fusion Theatre, Albuquerque, NM

•"Leaving Nic" Semi-finalist, MN Shorts, Minneapolis, MN

•"Leaving Nic" Finalist, Lakeshore Players, White Bear Lake, MN -

•"They're Gonna Kill Gertie" 2nd place, Theatre Odyssey, Sarasota, FL

•"Leaving Nic" Audience Favorite, Theatre Odyssey, Sarasota, Fl


•"The Silence" Best Drama, Blue Slipper Theatre, Livingston, MT

•"Chopping Celery" Semi-finalist New American Theatre, Holiday Plays, Hollywood, CA

•"5 Seconds" 3rd Place One-Act Festival, Westcoast Players, Clearwater, FL

•Let Me Be Frank One of the 6 winning Playwrights for the Players Theatre New Play Festival, Sarasota, Florida

•"Mute" Semi-finalist for Eden Prairie Collection of One Acts, Eden Prairie, MN

•"The Drive-In" Finalist for Fusion Theatre's The Seven, Albuquerque, NM

•"Chef Salad" Semi-finalist for Minnesota Shorts, Mankato, MN

•"The Silence" Judge's Choice 3rd Place (Wildcards Week 6) Short & Sweet Sydney, Australia


•"The Silence" Judge's Pick for Best Drama, Minnesota Shorts, Mankato, MN

•"I Couldn’t Compete With a Harley" finalist for Lakeshore Players, MN


•"On the Wheel" Finalist in Estrogenius Festival, NYC

•"The Silence" Best Play Theatre Odyssey, Sarasota, Florida

•"The Silence" a winning playwright-6Women Play Festival, CO

•"Mute" finalist for Lakeshore Players, MN

•"Tide Line of July 15th" Short-listed for Short & Sweet Sydney, Australia


•"Remote Control" 2nd Place in Stormy Weather Players New Play Festival (Cornwall, NY)

•"Washout" a winning playwright at the Panoply Festival of the Arts (Huntsville, Alabama)

•"Remote Control" semifinalist for Lakeshore Players, MN


•"Out the Window" semifinalist for Lakeshore Players, MN  

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