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Very Short Plays

1-800-Ask-Mary: a 2 minute play for 1M, 1F / Comedy

Bud bursts into a lawyer’s office wanting to sue a big university for damage to his Hummer.

Cookie Capers: a five minute children's play for 4 eleven-year-old girls and one adult / Comedy with drama

Martha, the new girl, tries to fit in with the other girl scouts on the day they all are to turn in their cookie money. The only thing the girls agree on is that Thin Mints are the best seller and someone's money is missing.

Facing Fears: a 1 minute play for 1M, 1F / Drama

Sara and Brian face each other and their fears.

Flight Delay: a 1 minute play for 3F / Drama

After a flight delay only one seat remains on the last plane with a connection to Tampa. The problem is two women really need this seat.

Lights Out: a 1 minute play for 4 voices / Comedy

An air conditioner and a heat pump discuss their fears that they are going to be replaced.

Lucky Star: a 5 minute play for 1M, 1F / Comedy

Lucky and Star meet for the first time at a restaurant and are immediately attracted to one another. They feel they should be honest and both share about loss in their lives…..physical loss and how they have compensated.

Seeing Mom: a 1 minute play for 2F / Drama

A woman enters heaven and encounters her mother.

The Plan: a 1 minute play for 1M, 1F / Comedy

A couple discuss their joy of being able to adopt an infant, and their fear the birth mother will return to take her away.

Think of the Odds: a 1 minute play for 1M, 1F / Drama

Husband and wife discuss the odds of them dying of cancer

Trash Talk: a 2 minute play for 2M or 1M, 1F / Comedy

TC, a trash can, tries to talk Bob into recycling.

We're Jammin' : a 1-minute play for 2 M / Comedy

Two printers headed for the electronic waste. One thinks he's going to heaven.

Your Address?: a 1 minute play for 1F, 1M (child about 11) / Drama

A teacher is upset because Willie is in 5th grade and still can’t remember his address. 

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