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 Across the Street: A Two Minute Dramatic Monologue for a 45-65 year-old woman.

Rosie, a homeless woman, sits in front of a closed restaurant. A pastor from the church across the street approaches her and asks how she can help.

Are You Smarter Than an Insurance Company?: A Two Minute Monologue for a 35-60 year-old woman.

Tina is talking to her insurance company on the phone and becoming quite frustrated at their refusal to pay a claim.

At Night: A 3 Minute Comedic Monologue for a 65-70-year old woman.

Is Sally really ready to commit murder at night? Hear why.

At The Door: (From the One-Act Play, At The Door, by Connie Schindewolf) A Two-Three Minute Dramatic Monologue for a 17-year-old girl.

Alyssa has just given birth and explains to her baby why she can't be her mother.

Boots: A Three Minute Monologue for a girl (11-14)

Marley, a 7th grade drama queen, bemoans the fact that her mother doesn't want her to wear her new boots on the first day of school.

Gifted: A Two Minute Monologue for a woman 25-40 years-old.

A woman who is very pregnant is talking to the headmaster of a prestigious pre-school in an attempt to get her unborn on the waiting list for admission.

I Lost It At The DMV: A Two Minute Monologue for a 16-18 Hispanic Boy.

Jesus (Hey-Soos) is explaining to his lawyer why he was arrested at the DMV.

I Hate Math: A Two Minute Monologue for a boy (11-14)

A seventh grade boy explains why he hates his math class.

Let Me Be Frank: (From the Full-length play, Let Me Be Frank, by Connie Schindewolf) A Two Minute Monologue for a man in his late 50’s-early 60’s.

As Frank sits in his wheelchair with late stage Alzheimer’s, he’s miraculously able to gain clarity and answers his wife’s question, “Where were you going when you wandered off?”

Putting It Off: A One Minute Monologue for a woman in her 40’s.

A woman discusses procrastination and why we shouldn’t put things off.

Roses For You: A three minute monologue for a 16-year-old boy.

Max lays roses at the grave of a murdered schoolgirl and explains why he needs her to be a part of his life.

The Frizzies: A Two Minute Monologue for a woman who is 60ish.

A woman looking in the mirror is reminded of her mother and reminisces.

Two Patients, One Ventilator: A one minute monologue for a M or F

With patients dying at unfathomable numbers, Dr. North must make a decision.

Volcano On My Face: A Two Minute Monologue for a 16-year-old girl.

A girl is looking in the mirror at disaster!

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