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One-Act Plays (10-30 Minutes)

5 Seconds: 2M, 2F (1, a walk-on) / 10-Minute Comedy

Two actors, auditioning for roles in a 5-Second Play Festival, audition with the entire play, one line. They gasp, grunt, and flail in their emoting until there is quite an explosive climax.

14 Hours: 1M, 2F / 10-15 Minute Drama

A 21-year-old, still living at home, returns from a girls' night out celebration and shocks her parents with her pronouncement of “I hit something with the car…..and I didn’t stop.” A power struggle ensues over whether she should go to the police or not.

A Big Wave- 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Drama

A woman waits on a beach where her grandson drowned. A man doing turtle work stops, and they both nervously watch something that is washing in with the tide.

A Bottle Of Vodka: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Dark Comedy

Two alcoholics are thrown into a room with two chairs and a bottle of vodka. Are they in heaven, hell, or somewhere in between? They struggle to make sense of their surroundings.

Ancestry- 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Comedy

Kit can’t wait to share the results of her ancestry test with Mickey. It’s the way she shares it that has him petrified of a catastrophe.

Bombay: 2 F Drama / 10-Minute Drama

Grace brings her cat, Bombay, to the Vet's office with a hidden agenda. Will Dr. May accept her offer and what will become of Bombay and Grace?

Chef Salad: 4 F / 10-15 Minute Comedy

Two young women and two middle-aged women are in a restaurant looking at menus. The older women are drooling over the food choices, and the young women are lusting after the chef.

Chopping Celery: 3F / 10-Minute Version & 15 Minute Version, Drama

A 19-year-old, her mother, and grandmother write to each other discussing the upcoming holidays. The discussion/disagreements invariably come back to the topic of food and how their family traditions seem to be wrapped around what they eat.

Grammy and Nana: 1M, 3F / 10-15 Minute Comedy

Maria and Stan are sorting Christmas ornaments and their recently deceased grandmothers try to help them straighten out their holiday plans, and their lives.

Grandpa Didn’t Make It: 3F / 10-15 Minute Drama with Comedy

Claire and Charlotte are in an attic going through some of their Grandma’s things when they unexpectedly are able to hear her though not see her. She has a secret for them, a request, and some surprising news about their grandpa.

Hot Potato: 2F, 1M / 10 Minute Comedy

Kara and Richard are trying to adopt baby Amelia, but social worker, Melba, is not quite ready to approve them after she discovers their secret.

I Couldn’t Compete With a Harley: 2M, 1F / 15-20 Minute Drama with Comedy

Karen is taking care of her terminally ill father and is visited by her brother, Kevin. She struggles with being able to forgive “Dad” for not being the kind of father she wanted him to be. Thinking he loved his Harleys more than he loved her, has made her bitter. They think he’s not conscious, but he is able to hear every word they say and responds in a rather unusual way.

I'm Not You: 2M, 2F / Drama (30-Minute version)

Marv was abandoned in China as a baby and now that he is 18, his wealthy father is bringing him to the United States. Although he wants an education here, Marv has never had family and is suspect of his father’s motives. He shows up with many questions.

Lady in the Lobby: 2M, 1F / 10-15 Minute Drama with comedy

Bernie is checking into a motel room on the eve of his estranged brother’s funeral. He is confronted by a lady in the lobby who knew his brother and reveals much more about his life than is available from the obituary in the newspaper.

Layaway: 2F / 10 Minute Drama with comedy

A spoiled senior in high school has found the perfect prom dress and tries to put it on layaway. Since she does not understand the concept of layaway, she has a somewhat contentious encounter with the employee trying to help her.

Leaving Nic: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Comedy

Sue is about to get married but her fiancé has insisted she must quit smoking or the engagement is off. She discovers that giving up Nic is a little more difficult than she thought. Will she be able to kick the habit or will she be a slave to her addiction?

Mary's Baptism: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Drama

Tara is discussing her baby's baptism when she requests something else from Pastor Jim as well. This leaves him searching for Bible verses. Will he grant her request?

Medical Records: 3 F, 1 Voice / 15-20 Minute Drama with Comedy

While filling out medical records and waiting to see the doctor, Marla, visits the past. She sees herself doing the same thing only at four different ages. The Marlas interact, and the Marla who is only 17 is quite shocked at what the future will bring.

Memory Card: 2F / 10-15 Minute Comedy

Cora and Carol are in an experimental memory care facility. Their memories come and go with downloads and deletions, but their friendship remains stalwart until a certain secret is revealed.

Merry Maids: 1M, 2F / 10-15 Minute Comedy

Jeannie Marie and Betty Lou are in the housekeeping department of a nice motel and are cleaning a room. They find something left there from the night before, and their lives may change forever.

Mute: 2M, 1F / 10-15 Minute Comedy

Dan went to a free lunch seminar and purchased an amazing piece of technology. He demonstrates it to his buddy, Luke, and both are convinced it’s the answer to saving their marriages.

Now I Remember: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Drama

John shows up early for his high school reunion, planning on meeting with the reunion committee who wants to help him with his political campaign since he’s running for Congress. The committee of one has a surprise for him

On A Cliff: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Drama

Meg is ready to end it all as she stands at the edge of a cliff when her old high school friend comes out of nowhere. Can he change her mind?

On the Wheel: 1M, 2F / 10 Minute Drama

The setting is the future. The middle class has disappeared, and a man and wife struggle to survive by doing the one job that is available; they go “on the wheel.” Can the cycle of poverty be broken?

Now I Remember: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Drama

John shows up early for his high school reunion, planning on meeting with the reunion committee who wants to help him with his political campaign since he’s running for Congress. The committee of one has a surprise for him.

Paperboy : 1M, 1F / 10-Minute Drama

Herald tries to sell Joyce a rather unusual version of the newspaper. Will Herald succeed?

Playwright's Path: 1M, 1F / 10-Minute Dark Comedy

A woman sits at her desk reading a book on playwriting. She comes across a meditation exercise to clear her mind so her subconscious can take over and give her ideas for characters and a plot. As she starts a mantra, three possible characters enter stage and try to convince her they need to be the star of her next play. One of them comes with a gun.

Rabbit Ears: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Comedy

Marge is tired of paying high cable bills, and in hops Bugs, trying to sell her the cheapest way to get the channels she loves. Will she buy it or is she just having a bad hare day?

Remote Control: 2M, 1F / 10-15 Minute Comedy

A man and woman struggle to understand the new technology of their recently installed cable system. A rather unusual tech support option is available which they accidentally select.

The Buzz: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Drama

Linda and Dave are quarantined and are not allowed to leave their house. Drones bring them food and take away their garbage. Almost 30 years of marriage couldn’t prepare them for this confinement with each other. Will their marriage survive?

The Dancing Lessons: 2M, 2F (one F with no lines) / 10 Minute Drama

Catherine visits her mother who has Alzheimer's and tries desperately to get her to remember her and communicate. Miriam's memory dances around the artifacts her daughter has brought, but will they ever be able to speak to each other again?

The Deal: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Drama

A woman whose daughter was raped and murdered visits the accused in prison. They both have hidden agendas, and her bitterness and his personality make for an electrifying encounter.

The Drive-In: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Drama

A man surprises his wife on their anniversary by taking her to an old-fashioned drive-in movie. Actually it's just in their garage since she won't go anywhere. They reminisce about about the good old days and how much they love their son, Bobby. Will Rose ever be able to face the truth about him? And, what might happen on this particular anniversary?

The Exchange: 2M, 2 other walk-ons (male or female) / 10 Minute Drama

Dale is a handicapped man sitting in a wheelchair. In a park setting, a thug approaches with full intentions of robbing Dale; however, an exchange occurs which changes everything, at least for awhile, or is it for life?

The Grout Fairy: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Comedy

Shelby has just one wish-for clean grout. A fairy offers to clean it for her, but it comes at a cost.

The Prep: 2M,1F / 10 Minute Comedy

Zoe signed Alan up for a medical test, and he thinks the prep will be a piece of cake. He mixes up the date and an important client shows up mid-prep.

The Silence: 2M, 2F / 10-15 Minute Drama

Carla, a sleep deprived young mother suffering from postpartum psychosis, struggles withed mixed emotions about her responsibilities of motherhood and marriage. Hallucinations are a result of this struggle, and silence is the enemy.

Scotty's View: 1M, 3F / 10 Minute Drama

An autistic boy, Scotty, continually stares out the window and rocks back and forth at his school. During a parent/teacher conference the teacher aide reveals the secret behind his mysterious behavior.

Sleep Potato Vine: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Comedy

Amber is suffering from insomnia and desperate for sleep. She’s is fearful of something coming in her window and trying to strangle her. Her fears are justified…sort of.

Snacks & Stuff: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Dark Comedy

At the park, Max is approached by a vending machine of the future and offered snacks, but he’s more interested in the “stuff”.

Sorting Socks: 2F / 10 Minute Drama

Two women from different socio/economic backgrounds are doing laundry together. As their dirty laundry gets mingled, they gain perspective.

The Deal: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Drama

A woman whose daughter was raped and murdered visits the accused in prison. They both have hidden agendas, and her bitterness and his personality make for an electrifying encounter.

The Tent: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Drama

A young woman and a businessman fight for possession of the last 3-man tent on sale at a department store. They both reveal rather desperate reasons for needing the tent on that particular day, but Ruth’s reason is a “matter of life and death.”

They're Gonna Kill Gertie: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Drama

A young man working in the circus is about to go to the media to report abuse of the elephants when his wife finds out. Will he risk losing his job or listen to his wife to protect her and the baby?

Tide Line of July 15th: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Drama

A man confronts a woman who is in front of his beachfront home waiting for a “miracle.” She pleads with him to turn his lights off and pull his beach furniture back to save the sea turtles. The confrontation becomes physical, and the miracle is revealed.

Underneath: 2F / 10-15 Minute Drama

A daughter tries to convince her mother to sell her property on the bay to developers who will be building high-rise condos. Is the real secret behind the mother’s stubbornness, a body under the deck?

Washout: 1M, 1F / 10 Minute Drama

A policeman tries to convince a woman to evacuate her beach home because a category 4 hurricane is approaching. Her reason for wanting to stay is quite startling.

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