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Full-Length Plays

Bloodlines: 1M, 5F, Drama

Hope and Derek, desperate to adopt, post an online profile in hopes of attracting a birth mother. Claire is trying to find the perfect couple to be the parents for her baby. Hope’s mother is very concerned about this way of adopting; however, very soon they have a beautiful, healthy infant in their home…until things start to go terribly wrong.

High Tech: 4M, 3F, Comedy

These five stories for 4 males and 3 females all set in the near future, involve characters experimenting with new inventions, which should make our lives easier but seem to come with lots of complications. The amazing remotes, robotic housekeepers, memory cards, and talking vending machines, all have the humans scrambling for answers and sanity, as it seems to be technology is in control.

I'm Not You : 3M, 1F, Drama

Marv was abandoned in China as a baby and now that he is 18, his wealthy father is bringing him to the United States. Although he wants an education here, Marv has never had family and is suspect of his father’s motives. He shows up with many questions.

Let Me Be Frank: 3 F, 2 M, Drama

Mary, a woman struggling to deal with her husband’s Alzheimer’s disease, accidentally stumbles upon a potential cure, and is able to bring him out of his clouded stupor for short periods of time. As Frank gains clarity, he tries to help her decide what to do with her miraculous discovery; however, their two daughters have their own ideas on handling the situation. Will Frank be able to keep his clarity for more than 30 minutes at a time? Or, will he be forever lost to the ravages of the disease?

Mary Beth: 3 F, 2 M, Drama

Three middle-aged women, who were college sorority sisters, meet for a reunion during the summer at a condo in Florida and consume way too much alcohol. Since they are all haunted by the disappearance and possible death of one of their sorority sisters, the conversation invariably comes back to Mary Beth. Were they responsible for what happened to her and how has it affected their lives over the years? As the facts of her disappearance are revealed, can they forgive themselves?

Mammoth Bones: 3M, 2F, Drama

Robert, who is suffering from depression and anxiety, is planting a hibiscus bush in his yard when he finds a mammoth bone. As he researches about the bone, he starts to hear mammoths. His wife, mother-in-law, and two doctors try to help him sort out the past, present, and reality. Are the mammoths from the past trying to tell him something, or is his medication playing tricks with his mind?

Take The Couch: 3M, 4F, Comedy

As Natatlie and Steve return from taking their last child off to college, we see they are not the stereotypical couple suffering from empty nest syndrome. Their plans for the weekend are somewhat thwarted by their dysfunctional family, and this makes for quite an X-rated romp of a weekend. 

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